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3, 4 & 5 Axis C.N.C. Machining

Robmar’s C.N.C. Milling Department currently has Machining Centers with 3, 4 & 5 axis capabilities, and a maximum in-house machining size capability of 64″X x 32″Y x 30″Z.

The superior quality generated from our Milling Department comes from the wealth of expertise possessed by each of our talented machinists. With great attention to detail, our machinists are dedicated to producing superior precision products for our customers.

C.N.C. Mill Equipment

  • HAAS VF-1   20”X x 16”Y x 20”Z – 10,000RPM Qty.=2
  • HASS VF-2 30″X  x 16″Y  x 20″Z- 10,000RPM Qty.=2
  • HAAS VF-3   40”X x 20”Y x 25”Z – 10,000RPM Qty.=1
  • HAAS VF-5-  50”X x 20”Y x 25”Z – 10,000RPM Qty.=1
  • HAAS VF-6/40 64”X x 32”Y x 30”Z 10,000 RPM Qty.=1
  • JOHNFORD SV-41 41”X x 24”Y x 24”Z – 10,000RPM Qty.=1
  • TONGTAI QVM-610A+APC Qty.=1
  • TONGTAI TMV-510T+APC  Qty.=1
  • FADAL 4020 40″x x 20″Y x 28″Z – 10,000 RPM Qty.=3
  • FADAL 2216 22″X x 16″Y x 20″Z – 10,000 RPM Qty.=1
  • FADAL 2016 20″X x 16″Y x 20″Z – 10,000 RPM Qty.=2
  • HAAS UMC 750SS 5 AXIS MACHINE – 15,000 RPM Qty.=1
  • DMG Mor. NHX-4000 15,000 RPM Qty.=2
  • Programmable Indexing Heads Qty.=11
  • Programmable Rotary Tables Qty.=8

C.N.C. Turning Equipment:

Robmar Precision Manufacturing C.N.C. turning equipment has all the capabilities expected from today’s demanding industry, including live C axis  tooling, as well as bar feed and part catchers for higher volume work. We can turn a variety of materials from any polymer to exotic alloys. We are best known for producing high-quality precision parts.

Our talented C.N.C. Turning programmers and machinists create world-class products because they are dedicated to producing the superior components our customers demand.

Robmar provides only the highest-quality components that you should expect for your specific projects.

  • JOHNFORD SL500A CNC Lathe  (4″ thru the spindle, live tooling, c axis) Qty.=1
  • JOHNFORD SL400A CNC Lathe  (2″ thru the spindle, live tooling, c axis, bar feeder) Qty.=1
  • JOHNFORD SL-300A CNC Lathe (2” thru the spindle ) Qty.=1
  • HARDINGE GS-51 CNC lathe with live milling, sub-spindle and LNS bar feeder Qty.=1
  • SNK GT-27 CNC Lathe  Qty.=1
  • HARDINGE CHNC 3 with 5000 RPM  Qty.=1
  • OKUMA GENOS L300-MYW with OSP-P300L Multifunction CNC Lathe with sub-spindle and Y axis 6,000RPM Qty. =1

Inspection Department:

  • BROWN & SHARPE Excel 9.15.9
  • SHEFFIELD CORDAX 1808 Coordinate Measuring System
  • BROWN & SHARPE Microval C.M.M.
  • TAYLOR HOBSON SURTRONIC Micro surface checker
  • TAYLOR HOBSON Talyprofile Gold software
  • TOGOSHI SEIKI Rockwell hardness tester
  • MITUTOYO PH-350H profile projector with 0.0001″ readout
  • Various bore gages, gage blocks, micrometers, thread gages, etc.